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The Company:

Working for the Ventures Division of an international private petroleum company headquartered in the UAE – based in Sharjah.

The Role:

Manages the development of the company’s internal and external print collateral and HR related material. Monitors and develops content for company website. Works closely with the Design Team to develop media content and manage the company’s internal and external communications. Evaluates potential marketing opportunities that would best promote the company positively adding both social and financial benefits.


Major Responsibilities:

Content Development, Editing and Work Processing

  • Creates content and editing related policies and procedures and ensures their alignment with company’s organisational needs and objectives.
  • Designs and manages the development of company’s internal and external brochures, employee handbook, newsletter ‘’Pipeline’’ and HR intranet sites and coordinates with the Design Team and HR Department for the issuance of all related materials.
  • Works closely with the Design Team and Arabic Translator to develop media content and manages company’s internal and external communications (e.g. official announcement and media statement).
  • Consolidate, formats and edits documents in order to create materials promoting the image and competitive edge of the entire company.
  • Participates in the formation and issuance of media related materials for the entire company including Print collateral (e.g. brochures, pamphlets, advertisements, editorials and presentations) Online collateral (e.g. website, e-mailers and social media) and Videos (e.g. corporate scripts).
  • Identifies media content requirements and compiles data from different sources and ensures centralizing of all communication to keep the brand image consistent for the entire company.
  • Leads website navigation, labels and content organisation strategy and produces written information to be used in the company’s website as well as project deliverables.

Marketing and Events Coordinator

  • Identifies and evaluates potential marketing opportunities that would best promote the company positively adding both social and financial benefits.
  • Participates in the preparation of marketing and PR events for the entire company by developing relevant marketing or PR strategies and managing all related media content.
  • Communicates with event providers and negotiates with marketing/communication vendors.

Reporting and Communication

  • Reports to the HR Director in all issues relating to marketing communication and media content.
  • Interacts and communicates with all company departments to understand business objectives and formulates related materials accordingly.
  • Builds and maintains strong relationship with relevant media and marketing vendors and providers.
  • Maintains and exhibits excellent working relationships with all company staff.

Continues Development of Position

  • Conducts regular research and studies on key developments and best practices of managing intellectual properties rights. Researches and designs contemporary content strategies to ensure best organisational practices for the entire company.

Qualifications & Desired Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing communications or Mass Communications, preferably with professional certification
  • Previous experience working within an Agency is essential
  • 6 – 10 years of professional experience as Communication Specialist
  • Must be fluent in both Arabic and English


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