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The Company: 
A contemporary Emirati lifestyle brand 
The Role: 
Responsible for meeting the brands profitability and quality goals. To ensure efficient operation across the various business lines while continuing with the growth of the overall strategy. 
Major Responsibilities: 
•    Take full profit & loss responsibility  
•    Comprehend financial and operating budgets 
•    Set budget on departmental expenses and monitor on monthly basis 
•    Follow up on achieving operational and financial targets 
•    Control costs and optimize available resources and set corrective action plan if needed 
•    Analyze monthly financial statements 
•    Approve payroll, payables, receivables, and other various expenses 
•    Calculate and approve yearly bonuses 
•    Franchise Agreements and financial models  
•    Investment Memorandums and fund raising  
•    Set up short- and long-term plans and strategies 
•    Execute plans and strategies with teams and departments 
•    Provide a climate that is consistent with the mission and the vision statements 
•    Adhere to all Standard Operating Policies and Procedures (SOPP) and adjust if necessary  
•    Research, study, analyze and present new ideas and business development opportunities for shareholders 
•    Schedule, attend and follow up on quarterly board meetings 
•    Ensure the positive impact of the company's activities on the community and the environment 
•    Ensure the company of having a reputation for high standards of business conduct 
•    Schedule, attend and follow up on meetings with the various Managers and the team and implement decisions taken on a regular basis 
•    Ensure effective marketing plans and strategies are implemented and conducted efficiently 
•    Follow up on marketing and sales activities to ensure sales stability and growth 
•    Present to shareholders a vigorous marketing strategy plan at the end of each fiscal year 
Qualifications & Desired Skills: 
•    Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or equivalent, master’s degree is a plus 
•    A minimum of 10 years management experience in the retail or hospitality industry   
•    Strong grasp of Financial aspects of business including fund raising  
•    A deep understanding of franchising model   
•    Ability to cope with stress and work well under pressure 
•    Ability to assure good communication within his team 
•    Ability to be proactive, self-motivated, and self-directed 
•    Ability to deal with the volatility of customers, supervisors and employees 
•    Ability to have a macro vision 
•    Ability to travel on a regular basis to represent the company’s brand 
•    Ability to work independently and to take initiative 
•    Achievement driven 
•    Dynamic, resourceful and good decision maker when facing business problems 
•    Excellent analytical and decision-making skills 
•    Excellent customer service skills 
•    Excellent interpersonal communication skills 
•    Excellent management and leadership skills 
•    Experience in working in a multicultural environment 
•    Excellent time management and multitasking skills, and ability to prioritize tasks 
•    High professional ethics avoiding conflict with others 
•    Innovative and creative 
•    Knowledge of the local business and market condition 
•    People oriented and ability to manage several teams 

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