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The Company:
A private government office in UAE.
Key Mission:
• Ensure media monitoring is efficient and relevant
• Produce reports
• Enhance monitoring systems and tools
Major Responsibilities:
• Intelligence gathering and sharing
• Produce daily, monthly, quarterly and annual media monitoring and analyses reports
• Identify and share on the spot “urgent news”
• Produce ad-hoc reports based on needs of unit and main principles.
• Ability to identify and bring to attention any urgent news matters
• Act as the main focal point with media monitoring agency
• Help identify refinement tools for media monitoring and expand format
• Ensure final reports include monitoring and intelligence.
• Provide insight
• Update keywords for monitoring
Qualifications & Desired Skills:
• Education: BA in International Relations / Communications/Journalism
• Experience: 1-6 years of experience serving institutions engaged in research, monitoring and analyses Knowledge: Good understanding of the interplay between politics, economic and foreign affairs, as well as strong analytical skills. Ability to identify links and cross leverage information
• Skills: Strong analytical skills, excellent monitoring skills, ability to read and understand English and Arabic

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