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The Company:
A private government office in UAE.
Key Mission:
• Produce Briefing documents on key geopolitical , economic and social developments
• Ensure proper analyses reports are delivered
• Align with other members of team
• Scenario planning
Major Responsibilities:
• Country report analyses and Scenario gathering and sharing
• Establish strong relations with key international media and correspondents.
• Create media lists for events
• Crate media interview lists for possible trips and one-on-ones
• Arrange FAM trips for media
• Participate in forums and forge relationships with key individuals
• Establish strong relations with think tanks
Qualifications & Desired Skills:
• Education: BA in International Relations / Communications/Journalism
• Experience: 1-6 years of experience serving institutions engaged in research, monitoring and analyses Knowledge: Good understanding of the interplay between politics, economic and foreign affairs, as well as strong analytical skills. Ability to identify links and cross leverage information. Ability to forge relationships with key stakeholders (academic, think tank, media..). Expertise in designated region
• Skills: Strong analytical skills, excellent monitoring skills, ability to read and understand English and Arabic/ great scenario planning skills

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