Dawaam Blue

Dawaam Blue is a subsidiary of Dawaam Recruitment Group.

Dawaam Blue is helping companies when they require large number of staff as well as blue collar employees sourced from the local market as well as through our partners internationally.

What do we do?

We source employees like general construction workers, blue collar workers, supervisors, factory workers, security guards, cleaners, drivers, Hotel front of house staff, administration staff and many others. We establish relationships with our clients’ to get a thorough understanding of their culture and values and find the ideal workforce.

Dawaam Blue

How do we do it ?

Initially, we use our local networks to source candidates that are currently in the region and have an understanding of the working environment and culture. We also use our well reputed partners in many countries who are helping us to find skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. We have capability to source the candidates from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt and many other countries of the world depending on our clients’ requirements.