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The Company:
A investment Firm based in Dubai (CONFIDENTIAL)
The Role:
Develop and execute communication to financial stakeholders (capital markets, banks, rating agencies, financial media (target audience). This especially includes communication to the target audience on a daily basis and the support of the Finance department in negotiations and communication to the target audience as well as the maintenance of the Investor Relations section at Company’s webpage. 
The Investors Relations Director reports to the Chief Financial Officer and facilitate with the investor community. Act as interface with institutional, retail shareholders, bond holders, credit and equity analysts, financial media, exchange and regulator. Promotes and conveys higher standards of transparency and proactive interaction with investors.  Works alongside the investment team on roadshows and capital raising and future transactions if and when required. 

Major Responsibilities: 
•    Develop an annual communication strategy for target audience, i.e. rating agencies, investors and banks  
•    Develop and implement Company’s financial communication plan detailing key messages, timeframes, responsibilities (involved parties) and communication channels/tools; coordinate with Communication function respectively 
•    Manage interest by establishing a framework of communication activities to ensure that the investment community is fully informed about performance of the business and identify potentials issues that may influence the Company’s reputation. 
•    Improve understanding of the Company’s investment proposition which will help in increasing the valuation of the Company by attracting capital, reduce price volatility and reduce funding cost 
•    Manage relationship with shareholders, investors, exchange and regulator 
•    Issue regulatory disclosures 
•    Make sure that the investment story is delivered accurately to the investment community
•    Ensure high quality and transparent releases and presentations 
•    Investor targeting and capital raising  
•    Monitor and advise on financial market affairs on a global, regional and local level, in conjunction with communication function; 
•    Develop and implement Company’s financial communication plan detailing key messages, timeframes, responsibilities (involved parties) and communication channels/tools; coordinate with Communication function respectively 
•    Manage and participate in production of communication issued to target audience across diverse stakeholders (print, online, audiovisual, interactive etc) in consultation and alignment with Communication function; 
•    Build and maintain rapport to facilitate future transactions in equity and debt capital markets within the frameworks and platform as set jointly with Finance. 
•    Structure and serve as primary communication point between Company and target audience, such as rating agencies, for dissemination and exchange of all financial information; 
•    Structure and execute regular communication to rating agencies and investors / banks; 
•    Provide content and support execution to Treasury for capital market communication; 
•    Communicate investor market news and external perception of Company internally to Chief Executive Officer and Communication, Finance and Strategy Functions; 
•    Produce key messages for Annual Report in liaison with Finance Function ; 
•    Consult Legal function to ensure compliance with internal and external regulations; 
•    Provide oversight to the management of Investor Relations aspects of company Website: 
•    Provide oversight to the development and maintenance of database of current and potential financial stakeholder 
•    Organize and lead Road Shows to Investors and Banks in order to build experience for possible future transactions with equity and debt capital markets; 

Qualifications & Desired Skills:
•    Bachelor’s Degree in business management or communications; an MBA or Master’s Degree preferred 
•    Minimum 12 years of total work experience in the Middle East, within relevant sectors (– Holding Companies, Family Groups, Regional HQ’s of MNC ) with exposure to investments and financial market and preferably with a Publicly Listed Company 
•    Comprehensive knowledge of Investments/Financial Services practice and theory
•    Strong character with high degree of flexibility, motivation and personal engagement 
•    Strong analytical capabilities combined with a hands-on mentality 
•    Solid corporate finance and rating agency technique knowledge 
•    Outgoing personality that is comfortable talking to the press and infront of cameras
•    Fluent in writing and speaking English and Arabic language

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