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The Company:
A large Iraqi Conglomerate 

Reporting to:
Functionally to the Audit Committee and administratively to the CEO

Purpose of the Role:
Directs and manages the Group's operational and financial review processes; plans and schedules audits, directs employees, coordinates the work of the audit department, and sets work standards and procedures for evaluating financial and operational records and controls.

Key Responsibilities 
1.    The internal audit manager should contribute to the annual risk assessment and develop the annual audit plan based on the results of the strategic analysis, then approves and implements it and participates in the process and initiatives to improve internal controls.
2.    Ensures the proper implementation of internal audit plans, and reviews data and information to ensure compliance with government laws and regulations, policies, and procedures.
3.    Comprehensive knowledge of internal audit activities, follow-up, and ensures implementation according to applicable international standards.
4.    Respond appropriately to management inquiries regarding the internal control environment.
5.    Provide training in risk management within the group and its subsidiaries
6.    Ensures that departments and divisions adhere to policies, procedures, and regulations in order for daily implementation to be more effective and efficient.
7.    In the event of suspicion or the incidence of errors, the Internal Audit Manager recommends to the Audit Committee or the Administration to conduct investigations in the Financial Department or other departments, and / or upon loss of assets or other misdeeds.
8.    Interacts with the Board of Directors, senior management, and external auditors and contribute to the professional implementation of the internal audit function.
9.    Submits reports and recommendations periodically to the Board Audit Committee and follows up on progress in implementing recommendations.
10.    Prepares and reviews reports of findings and recommendations for auditing and discusses and approves draft results with the entity subject to the audit.
11.    Ensures compliance with the authority’s matrix and that each manager performs what is required of him/ her according to financial and administrative authority without any excesses.
12.    Assist in developing, reviewing, and updating the policies, procedures and models used in the group and companies.
13.    Using correct accounting data and information in making administrative decisions
14.    Evaluate the efficiency of using the group's economic resources
15.    Supervise the risk assessment, management and mitigation process through internal audits and raises awareness of potential risks, in cooperation with managers of companies and central departments’ managers.
16.    Audits all expenses and revenues of the group and its companies to ensure that they are all according to procedures and in the interest of work.
17.    Keep audit worksheets and other databases accurate and updated.
18.    The audit manager shall develop work procedures and methods using modern technologies and follows up the development of work systems and procedures in line with the objectives of the operations and supervises their implementation in coordination with the direct manager.
19.    Develops and analyzes the problems facing the work and suggest appropriate solutions to control them.
20.    The audit manager shall supervise the work of the internal audit staff, evaluates their performance, and suggests training needs to the direct manager.

Qualifications & Desired Skills:
•    Bachelor in business administration or accounting from an accredited university.
•    Experience not less 20 years in auditing process with at last five years in a management position 
•    Preferred to have one of audit professional certificate. (CIA/CPA)
•    Experience in establishing, evaluating and/or managing internal accounting control systems. 
•    Strong working knowledge of internal controls and preferably the COSO Internal Control framework
•    Ability to draft reports and to participate in presentations.
•    Strong computer skills, including advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint applications.
•    Personable and presentable; ability to build and maintain relationships all staff.
•    Intelligent and capable, displaying a high level of accuracy and attention to detail when completing tasks.
•    Well organized with efficient time management skills.
•    Maintain professionalism at all times in a confidential environment.
•    Fluent in both Arabic and English. 


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