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Junior Accountant – Emirati

The Company:

A large local family office real estate division


The Role:

The junior account will work alongside the accounts team in finance related tasks


Major Responsibilities:

Staff Task Report:

  • Write the minutes of meeting.
  • Update Staff Task Report.
  • Report to Finance Manager for Staff Tasks, Deadlines and other staff comments and updates.
  • Remined the staff for their tasks and deadlines.
  • Complete tasks on ad hoc basis as per management requirement.
  • Abir Task Building Group wise (A,B,C) wise expenses (GRE, GERE, Heirs & Gargash Center Properties).
  • Budget Coding and Building Cost Centre and inserting in eMas.
  • Property Valuation Task — Collect all documents building wise.
  • Change DEWA Accounts Contacts, Username from GCMO to GRE.
  • IT to provide Etisalat Online Services for GRE.
  • Review and sign checked by all entries for GRE and Bank Reconciliations
  • December 2018 till March 2019 for audit purposes.

Accounts Payable Department:

  • Local Purchase Order
  • Receive LPO Preparation Request from FM & Leasing Manager.
  • Check Supporting and Prepare LPO.
  • Requester Manager Signature on LPO.
  • Send LPO to Supplier.
  • Purchase Invoices & Payments:
  • Receiving all purchase invoices related to above companies
  • Verifying all supporting document and Approvals.
  • If completed Stamp Receiving, if not return invoice.
  • Create New Supplier Account for new Suppliers.
  • Record Purchase entries.
  • Reconcile Vendor Ledger & Supplier Statement of Accounts. Follow up with maintenance departments for reconciled items.
  • Prepare Payments.
  • Communicate with suppliers to collect their cheques.
  • Receive Receipt and Filing.

Petty Cash — Maintenance & Leasing.

  • Review invoices of Maintenance Department — Petty Cash.
  • Re-calculation of invoices amount.
  • Review all necessary signatory approval.
  • Create and record petty cash vouchers. Charge GRE of their Expenses.
  • Issue Debit Notes against GRE Invoices.
  • Record Debit Notes Expenses in GRE Books.
  • Reimbursement process.
  • Petty cash finalize for cheque preparation.
  • Prepare vouchers and cheque.
  • Maintain petty cash vouchers in filing.

Utilities Expenses and Payments (ETISALAT, DEWA, EMPOWER)

  • Login Online and Download Utilities Bills.
  • Record Purchase for Utilities. Reverse Accruals for Utilities.
  • Prepare summary of bills.
  • Prepare Payment and Get Approvals. Retention:
  • Maintaining records of Projects with retention
  • Passing retention JVs to transfer cost from Vendor account to Retention Account On maturity receiving retention release request from the Vendors after approval of Maintenance Department
  • Forwarding the final invoice for payment after retention period Updating records


  • Maintain a file copy during recording entries with VAT
  • Monthly Reconcile VAT Ledger
  • Verify VAT invoices with all supporting documents and according to VAT appliances.
  • VAT Finalizing & Submitting.
  • Closing Checking Status
  • Make sure all invoices received before month end are recorded.
  • Record Standing Journals for Debited Transaction in Prepayment Account.
  • Review Vendor Aging Report.
  • Maintenance Profit & Loss Balance Reconciliation.


Accounts Receivable Department:

  • Maintenance Sales Invoices and Job Cards – GERE
  • Create Job cards as per location and cost related jobs. Monthly Reconciliation of Finished Job Cards Send Costing to Maintenance Department.
  • Receive Finished and Uncompleted Costing Confirmation.
  • Monthly Closing of Finished Job Cards.
  • Prepare Job Cards invoices for AUTO Division.
  • Submit details to maintenance for Approving for other Job Cards.
  • Issue invoices against completed Job Cards.
  • Issue invoices against AMCs Job Cards.
  • Get Maintenance Manager Signature on Sales Invoices.
  • Scan All Documents (Invoices, Finished Costing, Hold Costing, GMGT LPOs & Major Job Cards Supporting's).
  • Prepare summary of invoices — Customer Wise.
  • Finance Manager Approval on Summary.
  • Send Email to Customers and Original by Driver.
  • Prepare Letter for AUTO Payment Request against Sales Invoices, Labor Hours & Charged amount through the ledger.
  • Send AUTO letter along all supporting's to Auto Division.
  • Maintenance Sales Invoices – GRE
  • Send Email to Receive Monthly Maintenance Performa Sale Invoices.
  • Classify Customers GRE, Owners, External Properties.
  • Issue Tax Sales Invoices Against Each Performa Invoice.
  • Monthly Provision Income and Reversal for Maintenance Division.



Desired Qualifications & Skills Required

  • Emirati National
  • Bachelors in Accounting/Finance
  • Freshly qualified CA, CMA, CPA or CFA with 2-3 years of post-qualification experience
  • Highly proficient in MS Office Suite, especially Excel and Access
  • Knowledgeable of IT systems, processes, databases, etc.
  • High level of integrity and dependability, with diligent work ethic
  • Strong interpersonal, problem-solving, and creative skills
  • Highly organized with good time management skills
  • Meticulous attention to detail

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