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We are looking to fill a number of high profile positions for a production house based in Riyadh. These roles are to work in the factory of the the Company that produces Fast Track Diversified projects on a large scale mostly for Saudi Seasons. 
They deleiver Stands and structures to clients who run Events – they do not run the events them selves. 
They produce high end stands all in house which include the joinery work, metal work, priniting, paining, lighting and anything else that is needed. Nothing is outsourced. 
The companies expects the top employees who are SMART thinkers usually with an engineering degree and who value and understand VALUE engineering.  
The Candidate would currently be in Saudi and MUST have worked on Saudi Seasons in some capacity. 
Please have a look at the list below and if you fit any of the roles please apply. 

Position 1 – Factory manger – progressive factory manager with engineering background where the factory delivers large scale fast track high end fitout work such as Saudi Seasons, or Palaces or airports or hotels etc must have an engineering background and must  be a SMART thinker with Value Engineering at the core of his thinking.   


Position 2 – Account Manager (which are also known as Production manager or Project managers Client facing)  – Liaising between client and factory for Production of large scale fast tract diversified projects for Saudi Seasons, usually an has an engineering back ground. MUST have Saudi Seasons experience  

Position 3 – Technical Managers (structural and fitout – 2 separate)   – These sit just below the factory manager – are Engineers by trade (one a civil engineer one a architect) must have production of large scale fast track diversified projects for Saudi Seasons or worked in factory for big projects that require diversified high end furniture like airport or palace. The caniddaet that take the designs and make them a reality so must understand technical drawings and be able to run the teams, Engineering Degree     

Position 4 – Production manger – Production of large scale fast tract diversified projects, again someone that has worked on large scale fast track high end fitout or Saudi seasons, sits just under the technical managers, Engineering degree 

Position 4 – Project Managers – Work under the Production managers to run the projects in the factory must have experience of large scale fast tract diversified projects, high end fitout work 

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