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Company – A leading Pediatric therapy Centre.

Role – Senior Speech and Language Pathologist-AAC

Job Description – We are looking for an enthusiastic and hardworking Senior Speech and Language Pathologist specialized in AAC to work in an interdisciplinary team setting. This position is responsible for providing a full holistic patient-centered speech and language therapy service to children with complex needs who may have speech, language and communication (verbal and AAC) as well as feeding and oral motor disorders.

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Provide initial consultation and assessment based on clinical observation, protocols and/or standardized test.
  • Experience and ability to identify patient’s difficulties/disorders and needs and provide a comprehensive diagnosis supported by documented assessment.
  • Setting clear, measurable, realistic and achievable goals to be clearly communicated to parents and other professionals involved.
  • Provide most updated and research-based approaches in the required areas based on pre- tested strategies.
  • Implementing treatment plans based on planned, structured and creative sessions.
  • Documenting small achievements daily.
  • Revising and updating goals and treatment programs more relevant to the child’s development.
  • Advising and guiding patients, family members and teachers on implementing treatment programs across different environments.
  • Preparing home programs and support materials to be used at home.
  • Connecting and discussing with other professionals involved such as doctors, therapists, teachers and careers to optimize therapy progress and child’s development.
  • Identify treatment options and carry out an individualized treatment plan.

Required Education & Experience

  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Language Therapy; Speech Pathologist; Speech Pathology/Speech Therapy
  • OR BSc in Communication or Psychology or Linguistics and Master’s program in Speech Language Pathology from an accredited educational institution, college or university.
  • Must be able to provide evidence of completion of discipline specific specialist courses e.g. AAC trainings.
  • Must have DHA License and/or Eligibility Letter or must be eligible for Department of Health License or transferable UAE License as Speech Therapist.
  • Must have at least 5 years of experience working as a Speech and Language Therapist/Pathologist in a community setting, hospital or clinical settings working with pediatric patients with disability and patients with complex care needs.


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