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A global multi-disciplinary design and Architecture firm with roots in the UAE

Job Purpose:

To execute complete design management of all assigned projects in accordance with approved Company policies, operating guidelines and procedures and ensure that all projects meet contracts’ budgets, time schedules and approved quality standards.


  • Serving the requirements of the development department, by supporting the entire life cycle of project development.
  • Provide the required leadership to enable the project team to execute the design services to any assigned project effectively and efficiently.
  • Act as the Client’s main contact with the Company and is responsible for maintaining an effective and professional relationship with the Client. Incumbent should manage their expectations and promote their involvement throughout all projects’ phases to the maximum level possible.
  • Establish the design goals, coordinate same with the concept designers, and assure that the goals are met.
  • Involved in analysis of Clients requirements in conceiving and developing architectural solutions to those requirements.
  • Performing in-depth completeness reviews of design submissions and analysis of design work produced by others to verify conformance to client requirements, regulations, codes and standards and economy and adequacy for construction.
  • Responsible for defining the roles and responsibilities of different team members for all projects assigned to the incumbent.
  • Manage and coordinate the design input of external design team members and sub-consultants.
  • Lead the project planning and scheduling activities such as developing project schedules, resource planning, cost estimates, risk planning etc. and should ensure that prepared project plan is feasible, realistic and communicated to all concerned employees. Incumbent is responsible for performing the final review of the project plan and determining next steps.
  • Assist with hiring designers and other staff. Seeks and encourages marketing involvement.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Requires extensive experience in all phases of design to all disciplines, i.e. architecture, structure and engineering, including substantial and varied experience involving responsible planning and design of complex projects.
  • Demonstrate creativity, foresight, and mature architectural judgment in anticipating and solving unprecedented architectural problems, determining program objectives and requirements, organizing programs, and developing standards and guidelines for diverse architectural activities.
  • Experience of overseeing teams with proven track record in delivering success, performance, and achievement.
  • Flexibility in terms of deployable hours and understand the realities of time pressure.


  • Equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in Architecture.
  • Registered Architect
  • Minimum 15 years of experience as a designer, including supervisory and project management experience.
  • Experience in BIM is a Must.
  • Having a LEED and PMP Certificate is essential
  • Excellent communication, writing and computer skills (AutoCAD packages, Revit, Micro station and MS Office programs)
  • Excellent command of English

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