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Title Project Director

Line Manager Shareholders

Location Karbala, Iraq

Company – Real Estate Development

Key Accountabilities & Responsibilities

  • Develop and lead a team of internal project/construction managers, assistants, and coordinators to successfully deliver complex projects within a live dynamic environment.
  • Lead the onsite team and ensure project completion within the set budget, schedule and conformance with design documents.
  • Advise and establish clear project programs and milestones to monitor and report project progress.
  • Develop a logistics plan that allows the contractors to complete their work in a coordinated, efficient manner under the Project manager’s directive.
  • Coordinate and integrate the activities of all of the assistant project managers, project engineers, and other support staff on the project. Establish priorities for the project staff based on owner and project requirements.
  • Establish regularly scheduled meetings with the contractors and design team to review the following: drawing preparation/approval, equipment/material lead times, and required on-site dates, manpower projections vis-a-vis the project schedule, quality/performance issues on and off site.
  • Monitor contractor/vendor pending costs. Ensure that the cost report is updated on a monthly basis.
  • Coordinate with the project executive all client “business” related contact/correspondence to ensure consistency of reporting throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Conduct regular project/contractor meetings to review project progress and the following issues:
  • Current cost projections/change orders issued to date, anticipated “pending” costs, schedule.
  • Update, requisition review, highlight near-term major activities, changes to the project, and any other issues deemed appropriate.
  • Ensure all costs and risk updates are communicated and incorporated into the overall project reporting.
  • Obtain approvals for changes to the project that have been generated by the contractor team.
  • Establish adequate Inspection and Testing withhold points enforced to ensure the desired quality of delivery is maintained.
  • Study, evaluate, and identify all tasks and risks from bidding to project undertaking, implementation, and up to the final completion of the project.
  • Initiate site activity investigations and assessments.
  • Design, develop, and initiate a site-specific safety plan including an accident-free safe work environment.
  • Lead, direct, assist, and support construction teams to ensure deliverable processes on time and within the budget.
  • Prepare detailed, accurate timely project reports including work schedules, implementations, deviations, change in subcontractors, customer issues and other related problems.


Qualification & Experience

  • BEng degree in Engineering, BArch degree in Architecture / built environment or BSc in Construction
  • Management discipline or a similar field.
  • 10+ years of previous work experience as a Senior Project Manager
  • Knowledge of construction, engineering, procurement, industry standards, and other project-related activities, their interfaces, and interdependencies.
  • Proven ability to manage and lead teams to build collaboration and efficiency.
  • Clear and concise written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong understanding of the budget process.
  • Strong presentation and negotiating skills, and experience supervising, training and mentoring staff

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