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Company – A leading real estate provider

Role: Facility Manager

General Responsibilities

  • Plan and coordinate all installations and refurbishments.
  • Manage the upkeep of equipment and supplies to meet health and safety standards.
  • Inspect buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations.
  • Review utilities consumption and strive to minimize costs.
  • Supervise all staff facilities staff and external contractors.
  • Control activities like parking space allocation, waste disposal, building security etc.
  • Handle insurance plans and service contracts
  • Keep financial and non-financial records.
  • Perform analysis and forecasting.
  • Any ad-hoc task as management requires.


Specific Responsibilities in Building Handover

  • Conduct the Initial Survey of the building to understand the building details (system, Facilities, etc) and prepare a snags report, submit to the Developer and Main Contractor, and confirm closing dates (snags to be done along with the 3rd party).
  • Initial the kick-off meeting with the developer for the system handover process.
  • Collecting the site information documentation (Asset list, Certificates, Authority approvals) from the developer.
  • Ensure all the building compliance documents are taken over from the developer.
  • Tendering of all the service providers and mobilization of the service providers.
  • Collection of all the Operation manuals, Drawings, and Warranties from the developer/main contractor.
  • Ensure all the systems are handed over with proper and approved testing and commissioning reports.
  • Prepare the initial takeover snags (MEP, Civil, etc) and coordinate with the Developer and the main contractor for the completion of the snags.
  • Prepare the defects liability period snags for the common area and coordinate with the Developer/main contractor for the completion of the snags.
  • Ensure the major design/defects issues for the In-unit area are communicated to the Developer and Main contractor.
  • Responsible for communicating with the developer regarding the remaining DLP issues/Snags.
  • Collecting all data for meters.
  • Collecting authorities’ certificates.
  • Conduct site inspection and provide QHSE snags to the main contractor.



  • Minimum BSc/BA in facility management, engineering, business administration, or relevant field. In addition, membership in a recognized professional institution is preferred.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in high-rise residential and commercial towers Minimum 7 years of experience in the Middle East
  • Proven experience as a facilities manager or relevant position
  • Well-versed in technical/engineering operations and facilities management best practices
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Good analytical/critical thinking

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