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 Job Description                               Senior Project Manager – inhouse not 

Company                                            A leading award-winning Architectural consultancy Design Firm

Location                                             Riyadh – Saudi 

Key Objectives

 Develop comprehensive project plans that define project scope, objectives, deliverables, timelines, and resource requirements.

  • Identify and engage with key project stakeholders, including clients, team members, executives, and external partners, and maintain effective communication with stakeholders to ensure alignment with project goals.
  • Oversee project budgets and allocate resources effectively.
  • Carefully manage project scope to prevent scope creep (uncontrolled expansion of project requirements) and ensure that the project stays focused on its original objectives.
  • Manage the project closure process, including documentation, handover, and a post-project evaluation to identify lessons learned and areas for improvement.
  • Promote best practices and contribute to the development of project management methodologies within the organization to enhance future project management processes.


Expectations and responsibilities related to your role.


  • Lead large cross-functional project teams with complex and/or challenging projects through the development of Sponsor documents and high-level schedules.
  • Project charters that concisely define the scope and objectives of the project.
  • Work breakdown structures that include deliverables, work phases, and activities.
  • Network diagrams that identify the precedence relationships, durations, responsibilities, and resources for all activities.
  • Validate and compress project schedules that ensure the quality of the project plan, proper analysis of time-cost trade-offs, and compliance with deadlines.
  • Facilitate challenging project teams that involve conflict between team members, and/or other teamwork issues.
  • Analyze staffing requirements and advise the Project Manager on staffing levels needed to execute the plan according to schedule.
  • Develop project management policies, procedures, standard reports, coding structures, project metrics, project templates, etc.
  • Generate summary-level project status memos for key stakeholders.
  • Mentor clients in the use of project management tools and methods.
  • Coordinate the use and assignment of Alliance Consultants and Project Coordinators.


  • Manage the commercial aspects of projects. Fully conversant with the contract terms and conditions, scope, and deliverables.
  • Ensure accurate project budgets are established and delivered.
  • Monitor client and sub-consultant invoices and when payments are made and received.
  • Maintain close commercial control of the project and notify and update finance of when invoices can be raised.
  • Ensure that the contract with the client is signed before work commences. Help ensure that all sub-consultant contract documents are complete and signed.
  • Ensure a project risk register is compiled, relevant, and maintained.

Education and Training

  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture – Masters desirable.
  • Certified in PMP or PRINCE2
  • Certification in PMP or MSP preferred.
  • Strong analytical skills, with deep expertise in Excel.
  • Excellent verbal and written presentation skills.
  • Highly motivated and driven, with the ability to influence stakeholders and build long-lasting client relationships.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to build and maintain client relationships.
  • Time management skills, especially familiarity with calendar management and goal-setting.
  • Member of UAE Society Engineers & AIA (preferred) and PMI (highly regarded). Registration with the home country’s professional body is highly regarded.


  • Previous experience in an office environment managing multiple projects.
  • 12-15 years of experience of working inside an architecture consultancy firm
  • Strong project management skills including the ability to create project plans, set and manage timelines, allocate resources, and mitigate risks.
  • A solid understanding of the engineering principles and processes related to the field.
  • Ability to analyze problems, propose solutions, and provide strategic advice to clients.
  • Identify and manage risks within projects to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Ensure that projects meet established quality standards and specifications.
  • Knowledge of industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Accurate cost estimation and budget management to ensure projects are financially viable.
  • Effectively manage changes within the project scope while minimizing disruption.
  • Understand contract terms, negotiation, and management.
  • Familiarity with project management software like Microsoft Project, Primavera, or Asana for project planning, scheduling, and tracking.
  • Prior experience in successfully managing large-scale transformation projects.
  • Ability to interact and engage with the C-level management and executive leadership team.

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